Hello, there!

I’m Dinma, my tribe call me ‘The Queen of Happiness’

I love to teach, inspire and cheer people to enjoy happier, more meaningful lives, marriages and families.

When I’m not coaching, mentoring, speaking or training,

 You will find me either mastering new skills, topics and bodies of knowledge (Love for learning is one of my top 3 signature strengths) or spending time with my family savouring one another’s company and creating unforgettable memories (Love is in the top 3 too)

Guess what the 3rd is? It’s Spirituality.

That’s why I consider my work, my worship.

I’m here to inspire, educate and cheer you to flourish and enjoy a happier, more meaningful life

Sounds like what you need right now?

Let’s have a conversation


Phone: +234 803 355 9944

Business Hours: 10: 00 am – 4:00 pm (WAT) Mon – Fri

Email: wecheer@dinmanwobi.com

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